New Company Announcement:  Penngood Signature Consulting Inc. Helping Brands in a New and Unprecedented Healthcare Environment

New York, April 16 2014 – Penngood Signature Consulting Inc. (Penngood Signature) was successfully launched today to help brands develop innovative solutions for communicating with unique populations, as a new healthcare marketplace emerges through the Affordable Care Act and other regulatory changes.

Penngood Signature brings a unique perspective to communications challenges – with culturally-competent quantitative and qualitative insights into consumer behavior, and an expert understanding of the attitudes and intentions of unique audiences regarding health and healthcare.

“Penngood Signature offers clients expertise across the communications and healthcare landscape”, said Clyde H. Penn, Jr., President.  “We will help organizations understand the differentiation and uniqueness of populations of color as well as hard-to-reach and underserved communities.”

Marking this occasion, Penngood Signature and its new branding were unveiled during an invitation only event in New York’s Madison Square Garden.  The new company will build upon the reputation of Penngood LLC name and brand.  Penngood LLC has a long history of providing Federal, State and local government with solutions for some of the most urgent and high-profile public health and communications challenges, including HIV, substance abuse and mental health, environmental health, and programs such as Medicare, the 2010 Census and LiveWell DC.

“The benefits that Penngood Signature will provide our clients and stakeholders are extraordinary”, said Garry R. Curtis Penngood Signature Senior Advisor.  “We understand the public health perspective and stands ready to deliver solutions and measurable results to populations traditionally served by the public health sector.”

Penngood Signature will provide real-world marketing and communications services and scalable solutions for challenges to an effective ROI as businesses and brands navigate the emerging healthcare marketplace, addressing  challenges such as increasing enrollment and participation; improving health literacy; increasing participation and retention; improving health education and communications; and building healthy and sustainable communities.

“Prepared brands — including healthcare systems, insurance providers and relevant stakeholders want to capitalize on an enormous communications opportunity,” said Imani Greene, a Possibility Thinker – Penngood Signature’s team of experts in communications and healthcare.   “These brands will claim their rightful place as premium content contributors and innovators in the evolving world of United States healthcare.”

Imani and other Penngood Signature Possibility Thinkers have proven capabilities to  help clients turn ideas into action across the landscape of transforming healthcare; bring clients and partners together to explore solutions, and share knowledge and best practices and serve as a timely, information and research resource for effective communications to promote healthier communities.

For more information, please contact Clyde H. Penn Jr, President at cpenn@penngoodsignature.com.  Visit us at www.penngoodsignature.com.

About Penngood Signature Consulting Inc.

Penngood Signature offers solution-based consultation and support, working with in-house teams and collaborators that are helping to shape a comprehensive response to healthcare reform challenges in the areas of brand management, partnerships, community engagement, health education and communication, advertising, public awareness and education campaigns, design and creative, digital and social media, prevention and wellness programs.