Penngood Signature Consulting helps our clients understand and assess multicultural markets to better align consumer-driven strategic communications with business objectives and effectiveness measures.

What We Do:

We provide practical and sustainable strategy and implementation solutions to engage diverse, traditionally underserved and hard-to-reach communities, and impact and improve their health and well-being:

  • Strategic Targeting: Identifying, understanding and marketing to diverse communities
  • Focused Engagement: Developing strategies to communicate with audiences and get them engaged
  • Sustainable Solutions: Meeting business objectives and improving clients’ bottom line through effective, easily-implemented and sustainable consumer participation and involvement

Penngood Signature Consulting bridges our deep experience in the world of public health and our expertise in consumer marketing, and applies innovative consumer marketing approaches for engaging audiences previously addressed by public health organizations.

 How We Do It:

  • Possibility Thinkers – experts turning ideas into action across the multiple interacting spheres of the social determinants of health – education, labor, housing, health and economics
  • Bringing People Together – creating opportunities for business leaders to share knowledge and best practices and explore solutions for emerging issues
  • Information & Research Resource – sharing lessons learned and creating new strategies that build on successes, and providing culturally-competent quantitative and qualitative insights into consumer behavior, attitudes and intentions regarding health and healthcare